Large Camera Crane Hire

Enhance your next event or film production with our large 22ft jib. Add dynamic, sweeping jib shots & instantly boost production value.

Our large 22 foot camera crane is available for rental in Manchester, Preston, Bolton, Blackpool, The North West of England and beyond. We can travel anywhere in the UK to provide dynamic, stunning, high-angle visuals for your next production. We recommend two operators but it is possible to set up and operate with just one crew member.

Jib & operator for live events

Live events, concerts, gigs are among the best types of productions to benefit from jib shots. Our large 22 foot crane can achieve long sweeping crowd shots and stage reveals that vastly increases the production value and provides camera angles that would be impossible to acheive without.

We use a 3-axis motorised head for pan, tilt and dutch roll control. The jib can support a maximum payload of 20kg allowing us to carry heavy cameras, lenses and additional equipment.

Combine the jib with our live event coverage for the perfect combination.

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Film and commercials

The 22ft jib is also suitable for feature films, short films, commericals, promotional videos and single-camera filmed events.

We have the ability to remotely control the camera's focus and zoom - this system is mechanical and is compatible with all cinema lenses. We also have a digital zoom and record start/stop control for LANC compatible cameras.

Not enough space at the filming location? No problem! The jib is highly modular and is also usable at 5 smaller lengths: 7ft, 10ft, 13ft, 16ft and 19ft.

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Safety is our number one priority. Our operators are throughly trained with the safe setup and operation of the jib. We regularly carry out inspections & maintenance and have public liability insurance cover. Prior to filming we carry out a recce and full risk assessment.

Motion graphics & visual effects

We create all of our 2D and 3D visual effects in-house. Whether you need an event or logo ident, an opening ceremony video, or a motion graphic based promotional video - we've got you covered.
We are proficient with Adobe After Effects and a range of 3D software.

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